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About RJ Electric Works 

RJ ELECTRIC WORKS, INC. since 1998 has been a family-owned business that stands for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.  


As a small minority-owned, women-owned electrical contracting company, we have served our customers with exceptional competence, upholding and surpassing National Electrical Code (NEC) standards and expectations.  


With six field crew members and a fleet of vehicles that includes a bucket lift, RJ Electric Works can meet your electrical service needs.  






RJ ELECTRIC WORKS, INC. has performance experience in 2021 assisting with the complete renovation of Anacostia Gardens Apartments (a 100 unit dwelling) providing over $600K of services through WCS Construction. RJEW has been awarded contracts through Department of General Services and has completed work on several projects including outdoor lighting and ballast replacement for various recreational centers and schools, indoor electrical repairs and lighting projects within schools, lighting and ballast replacement at the RFK Stadium. Other locations work was performed for DGS include the DC Police Academy, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the Youth Rehabilitation Center and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

RJ ELECTRIC WORKS, INC. has the capability to install large generator units partnering with Kelly Generator. Installation of large unit completed in 2016 at the United Planning Organization located at 301 Rhode Island Avenue NW.    

RJ ELECTRIC WORKS, INC. has had the opportunity to perform for the DC Sustainable Energy Utility Program. There were a total of eight projects for T8 retrofit upgrading completed including Ben's Chili Bowl (view at, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, DC Baptist Convention School, and Allen House. Services provided included installation of T8 lighting ballast and bulbs w/retrofit. Conduction of lighting assessment; proper disposal of bulb waste to approved disposal contractor. Industrial work expertise also gained at the Blue Plains Water Treatment Plant in SW.

RJ ELECTRIC WORKS had worked in low-income multifamily dwellings contracted with the Mayfair Gardens Apartments on Jay Street NE. RJEW provided over $250K in contracted services providing code compliance installations and lighting upgrades. External and internal lighting fixtures were installed. Identification of high-use fixture locations and choosing appropriate replacement fixtures and lamps for various apartment locations was the responsibility of RJEW as an expert consultant.  


RJEW since November 2011 served Habitat for Humanity by performing installs from ground to completion of housing in the District of Columbia.

RJ ELECTRIC WORKS, INC. is well known amongst its client market share and has received 100%  satisfactory ratings from its latest respondents upon survey. RJ Electric Works is able to perform with professionalism in residential settings, office settings and industrial areas.


RJ ELECTRIC WORKS is a Certified Business Enterprise in the District of Columbia

Certification LSDZRE77969012025

Given a total maximum of 12 preference points for LBE, SBE, DZE, and ROB combined. Renewal  of CBE status due in January 2025.

NIGP Codes: 910-82-00 (electrical wiring, maintenance and repair service);

910-82-50 (electrical maintenance); 914-38-00 (electrical);

909-00-00 (building construction); 910-00-00 (building maintenance);

914-00-00 (construction services, trade new construction)



RJ ELECTRIC WORKS has the following District of Columbia license numbers:

Electrical Contractor ECC 1348  for renewal 11/30/2025

Designated Master DM 200574 for renewal 11/30/2025

General Service & Repair/ General Construction Manager Lic #140517000228 renewal 12/31/2024


Maryland State Master Electrician - #14491  Registered in PG County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, City of Baltimore, City of Gaithersburg


Commonwealth of Virginia Master Electrician - 2710074997


Certificates available upon request





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